Now available from Parkside and Strata Tiles, Regenr8 is a premium-quality tile adhesive range that prioritises environmental sustainability.

Specially formulated with Ecosand, an in-house composition of recycled waste materials that replaces natural extracted sand, Regenr8 is a tile adhesive range made with a minimum of 43% recycled content. Certified by GreenSpec as a sustainable building product, a single-part, flexible rapid and standard setting adhesive for wall and floor tiles, Regenr8 is suitable for ceramic, porcelain and natural stone. 

Polymer modified, Regenr8 provides an enhanced high-bond adhesion and flexibility so it is ideal for areas where slight movement or vibration can occur, including installations subject to moisture. Classified as S1 in accordance with EN12004, it has a high level of deformation for greater tolerance to movement. Available in white and grey, rapid and standard set, Regenr8 can be applied at bed thickness of 3-20mm with a setting time of 2.5hours for the rapid set.

Reducing reliance on natural resources, Regenr8 is in-line with the sustainability vision of Parkside and Strata Tiles as the companies look to become net carbon neutral in 2022. The introduction of the Regenr8 adhesive range comes alongside a commitment to source new tile collections with a minimum 20% recycled content. With tiles such as 98% recycled Sequel and the 100% natural and biodegradable Criaterra, and over 40 collections with 40% or more recycled content, Parkside and Strata Tiles are pioneering more sustainable tile specifications.

Regenr8 is immediately available from Parkside and Strata Tiles, supplied in 20kg bags and features alongside a full range of accessories to support any tile specification. 

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