We are saddened to hear of the sudden loss of a great character and contributor to the tiling industry.

Phil was 68 and born in Oldham. He started work straight from school for local tiling contractor J Duncan as an apprentice wall and floor tiler. During his apprenticeship term he was mentored by Bob Howard also a tiler at the same company. 

Phil was presented with ‘Master Craftsman’ status on 10 March 2014 for demonstrating outstanding workmanship throughout his career. He was also a member of the TTA Training Committee, where his input and experience as a tiler was greatly appreciated.

Phil was a great character with an inordinate sense of humour, who enjoyed his music. His love for the guitar made him a popular figure in Oldham and he continued entertaining the locals up to his death.

He had an amazing capacity for forming close links and friendship with people and was a popular contributor on the ‘Tilers Forum’ and respected by his fraternity. 

He leaves behind his two sons Daniel and David, and will be remembered as a great guy and an exemplary tiler and role model for all apprentices aspiring to achieve the same. 


  1. Sad news to hear. I never met Phil in person but when I took an interest in Victorian Tiling around 12 years ago, I called Phil for advice and tips – a stranger picking his brain and not sure if he would give me any time. He welcomed the approach with open arms and was a great mentor as from time to time I would ask him to evaluate completed projects. The gentleman couldn’t have been more helpful. Thank you Phil, Rest in Peace.

  2. I met Phil on my first day of work at J Duncan of Oldham, we got along from that day in 1974 until the last time I saw him in Pub in Oldham about a year ago, doing his favourite thing , playing his guitar and singing !.
    We became not only work mates but strong friends, We worked together sporadically over the time span, most of the time it was hilarious ! I could write pages about the fun we had !
    It came as a complete shock to hear of his passing ,
    Very sad ,
    But I’ll remember him ar his best , working hard and performing on stage’
    R I P Me Old Mate

  3. Met Phil the first day of starting for Duncan’s. In Oldham we worked together for nearly 30 yrs We became good friends. With his family and mine on social events. I worked for Phil for quite a few years also A good mate and sadly missed God bless a pleasure to been ur friend

  4. 2020 was a year that no one will ever, ever forget. For some it brought new challenges and having to pivot businesses, for others it brought deep sadness and loss of their loved ones.

    I thought long and hard before sharing my short post as the pain of loosing my dad to COVID in 2020 was too much to bare.

    My dad has been an inspiration for me all the way through my life. Leaving him in 2012 when I emigrated to Australia is by far the hardest decision I have ever made. We were inseparable, and as the years rolled by he became much more than my dad, he was my mate. He has an infectious personality and was a stella story and joke teller. – I could go on about how amazing he was to me in my life.

    My dad was a true perfectionist and he was a mentor for me growing up. I watched him thrive as a young lad and lived through his successes, failures and witnessed first hand what it means to run and operate your own business. Lessons that I am grateful for.

    Sadly my dad passed away suddenly at the age of 68 to COVID.

    I consider myself to be lucky to have had a father figure like Phil Hobson. He brought joy to my life and was a true friend. We shared music together and sang together, reaching harmonies and a connection of friendship I am so thankful for.

    Taken to soon, I will never forget what my dad afforded me. R.I.P dad x

    Love you dad x

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