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Leading manufacturer of tile installation products, Schlüter-Systems has published a striking new brochure, aimed at guiding architects, interior designers and other specifiers through the often-challenging process of fitting out a bathroom.

As revealed in the foreword to the publication, following some images of a luxurious looking bathroom, “the fact is that the products you can’t see in this bathroom are just as important as the ones you can. Much like the backstage crew to a world-famous pop singer, the behind-the-scenes aspects put the show on the road or, in this case, they ensure the bathroom is functional and protected.”

And therein lies the crux of the company’s 24-page full colour brochure, in that it is designed to explain how each product will ensure a bathroom failure does not occur if all the ‘backstage’ considerations are taken into account: these extending from effective floor and wall waterproofing to effective shower drainage, pipework connections and sealing systems.

The luxury aspects are taken into consideration too, with the company’s Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT electric floor and wall heating system.  While its modern LED technology Schlüter-LIPROTEC promises to create lighting effects ranging from restful ones for relaxing spaces, to bright, colourful lighting for a busy family bathroom. Schlüter-SHELF, meanwhile, offers a stylish storage solution with a choice of patterns including the FLORAL, CURVE, PURE, SQUARE and WAVE variants. The same patterns can be found in the drain grate options of Schlüter-KERDI-DRAIN and KERDI-LINE,  the point and linear drainage solutions, so a coordinated design can be achieved.  There are also multiple finishes to choose from, including brushed stainless steel and powder coated aluminium.

Other products covered in the brochure include the Schlüter-KERDI-200 waterproof membrane, as well as the Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD – a waterproof tile  backerboard board that provides a flat and even substrate to reduce the number of installation processes needed to create a waterproof assembly, saving time on-site. These are complimented with a wide variety of pre-formed niches which, if desired, come with the option of integral LED lighting.

Lastly, the tile trims finish off the installation and protect the edges of the tiles from damage – with Schlüter again supplying a wide choice of shape, textures and finishes, to complete any wetroom in style.

Featuring high quality colour photography throughout, this brochure concludes by conveying Schlüter’s comprehensive technical expertise through CAD drawings, project support and a sample service, with its products even available on Virtual Worlds. From start to finish, the specialist’s publication has covered every aspect required to create a beautiful bathroom.

For further information, call 01530 813396 or visit https://www.schluter.co.uk/ to download the bathroom brochure here.

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