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Fix-A-Floor is one of the fastest-growing sales opportunities in the tiling sector currently. Available in the UK since 2014, mainly through DIY retailers and online, Fix-A-Floor is this year making a push for increased trade business, with a presence at The Tiling Show, membership of TTA and the promise of future new products.

The product comprises an extra strength repair bonding adhesive suitable for tile, marble, porcelain, stone or wooden floors, including those with underfloor heating.

It is designed for DIY and trade users who need to repair areas of floor where tiles have become loose or developed hollow voids underneath.

“This product can be a life saver for both DIYers and professional tile fixers or builders,” says Adrian Cox, Managing Director of Fix-A-Floor. “It’s designed for the situation where the user has to mend a floor which has started to fail through heavy use or where the previous installation has maybe not been that effective. The cause of the problem may well not be down to you – but fixing it is! This product allows the user to fix the floor and avoid the cost of installing a complete new floor. This is a real benefit, especially at a time when many people are tightening their belts.”

The key to the product’s effectiveness is its combination of a very powerful and flexible adhesive with elastomeric properties, combined with an extremely low viscosity prior to curing. This means that it will flow under a tile completely filling the void underneath it and ensuring an end to wobbly and loose tiles – which are obviously more prone to breaking, if not fixed down quickly.

Installation is made even easier by the design of the cartridge, which can be used in a standard cartridge gun and features an 1/8″ patented tip, which is specially designed and engineered for the sole purpose of filling drilled holes in tile, marble, stone & wood floors. It also includes a special click-on cap which keeps any unused adhesive fresh in-between uses.

For tile retailers and distributors, Fix-A-Floor represents a great opportunity for add-on sales, as well as the possibility of leading to increased sales of tile ranges.

“Often people first buy Fix-A-Floor as a distress purchase because they have a problem with their floor,” says Adrian. “Our stockists tell us that because they are able to help their customer with their problem by recommending Fix-A-Floor, a relationship is established and the customer will often return at some point in the future to make a much more substantial purchase of tiles and ancillaries.”

For more information visit: https://www.fixafloor.co.uk or Tel: 0121 270 8883

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