This is your last chance to get your entry in for the 2020 TTA Awards, as the deadline is the end of the year.

Winning a TTA Award is the biggest accolade that it is possible to win in the tiling industry, bestowing kudos and acclaim on to the winners, which lasts for years. As previous winners have discovered, winning a TTA Award can have a major impact on the development of a business or the success of a new product. All winners are able to promote their success in marketing activities for their brand or product in the months following their win. The cachet of ‘TTA Award Winner’ really can make a difference!

So we look forward to hearing from you by 31 December!

TTA is delighted that the biggest brands of the tiling industry have once again lined up to support the TTA Awards. These are the companies that recognise that the Awards provide a great opportunity to raise their own profile as part of their marketing activity, while also supporting quality and achievement in our industry.

The following are this year’s Gold sponsors: Banks & Lloyd, Jackoboard, Mapei, Norcros Adhesives, Palace Chemicals, PCS, Shackerley (Holdings) Group Ltd., Tilemaster Adhesives, Trimline Group and UltraTileFix. CITB and Lithofin are Silver sponsors. TTA is very grateful for their support and is committed to ensuring that every sponsor gets maximum benefit from their involvement.

For more information please visit or Tel: 0300 365 8453.

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